Evolution of Muscular Oxygenation during a Walking Test in Pre-Term Children

Published:August 01, 2020DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jpeds.2020.07.082



      to explore measures of peripheral muscular oxygenation, coupled to gait characteristics, between premature and full-term children during a 6-minute walking test (6MWT).

      Study design

      Prepubescent children performed a 6MWT. During the test, changes in muscular oxyhaemoglobin (ΔHbO 2), deoxyhaemoglobin (ΔHHb) and total haemoglobin (ΔtHb) were measured with NIRS technology, positioned on subjects’ calves. Gait variables were monitored with an OPTOGAIT system.


      45 children (33 FT children and 12 PT children) participated in this study (mean age±SD: 4.9±0.7 and 4.6±0.9 years, respectively). Statistical analysis highlighted a decreased walking performance for PT children, with significantly lower walking distance ( P < .05) than children born FT (405.1±91.8m vs. 461.0±73.3m respectively, -9%). A concomitant increase of oxygen extraction (over ΔHHb time course) was observed from the third minute of the test (p<0.05). No statistically significant difference was found for other NIRS measures. Lastly, the analysis of gait variables highlighted a group effect for walking speed (p<0.05) and stride length (p<0.01).


      Premature children showed decreased walking performance and greater change in peripheral muscular oxygen extraction, associated with lower walking speed and stride length. This may point to a muscular maladjustment and reduced functional capacities for children born PT. These phenomena could be responsible for greater muscular fatigue.


      List of abreviations:

      6MWT ( 6-Minute Walking Test), ΔHbO2 ( Variation of Oxyhemoglobin), ΔHbTot ( Variation of Total Hemoglobin), ΔHHb ( Variation of Desoxyhemoglobin), BPD ( Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia), COPD ( Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), NIRS ( Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy)
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